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Maricopa Wellness Center offers an exclusive customized approach to medical assisted weight-loss. Our program is both effective and safe using only medical grade supplements and medications. Our Weight Loss Therapies include:

  •          o Hormone pellet therapy

  •          o Medical grade HCG

  •          o Lipo/MIC B12 injections

  •          o IV therapies

  •          o Certified Health Coach 

  •          o Nutrition

  •          o Supplements      

We understand that weight loss is not a one size fits all. Every programs first step is a personal consultation. After reviewing which program is best for you, we incorporate our proven strategies.  We will guide you in your weight loss program addressing your specific needs with weekly follow ups answering any questions you may have to look and feel your best. 

Change your path today, call 520-464-6193 and  schedule your free consultation.